Residential Water Filtration Systems

Point-of-use Filters

For the purification of municipal drinking water supplies, point-of-use filters are the most cost-effective method available, costing a fraction of a cent to purify a litre of water.

Point-of-use water filters actively remove suspended particles, taste and odour, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, and improve the clarity of your water. Point-of-use water filters can be purchased in a number of configurations, depending on your home’s plumbing, the volume of water you need each day, and your budget.

Under-counter Reverse Osmosis Systems

On borehole water supplies, municipal water supplies where the quality of the treated water supply is suspect, or where absolute purity is essential, point-of-use reverse osmosis systems can be used to provide ‘better than bottled water’ quality drinking water.

Reverse osmosis systems remove the majority of the dissolved minerals found in most water supplies, as well as suspended solids, taste and odours, chlorine, bacteria and viruses. .

Whole House Filters

When you need to purify more than just the drinking water at your kitchen tap, whole-house water filters are an economical solution to provide up to 3000 litres an hour of purified domestic water.

Our whole house filter systems remove suspended solids, taste and odour, as well as chlorine, and prevent scale build-up in pipelines and geysers. They can be added to existing borehole pump/tank configurations, or simply used inline. For more information about our whole house water filter systems, contact us today.

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