Domestic Technology

Balanced Alkalized Water Filter Cartridges

The higher pH value of the water helps to balance acidity and supports you in protecting agains acidification Poor eating habits and inadequate hydration can


BWT Aquadial Water Softeners

Soft Water – Economic solution requiring less space, Perfect for small residential units. The perfect feeling of wellness, protection and comfort.

BWT Bewamat Water Softeners

Soft water – for more hygiene, enjoyment and value retention. Soft water cares for the skin and looks after hair and body in a wonderfully gentle way.

Water Jug

BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Filter Jugs

Thanks to BWT patented Mg2+ technology, the BWT mineral water jug is the first and only filter jug that not only filters tap water, but also mineralises it with magnesium.

Magnesium Mineraliser Cartridge

BWT Magnesium Mineralizer Cartridges

Unique from BWT – During Filtration the water is enriched with the precious mineral magnesium. Turn your tap water into tasty drinking water.

Woda Pure

BWT Woda Pure Undersink Filters

Woda pure series turns ordinary tap water into high quality drinking water. Get safe drinking water directly from the tap. Modular system with flexible solutions.

Point-of-Entry Filters

CWC Domestic Point-of-Entry Filters

Safe protection from particles in domestic water piping that can prevent expensive long-term damage such as pipe burst caused by pitting.

Whole House Filterss

CWC Domestic Whole House Filters

Triple stage big blue filters, are connected to the main supply where water enters the premises, providing filtered water throughout the house.

Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc Filter Cartridges

Enriches your tap water with the valuable mineral Magnesium and the trace element zinc Conventional filters are good and are useful for removing unwanted elements

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